4G/5G Software Packages

4G/5G Software Packages

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🏷️ €4200

Software package + 1Y Software Update and Support Included.
+€1200 for each additional Year.
MX-PKGs are deployment-ready interoperable 4G LTE, 5G NR, and Open RAN software components in a form of binaries, Ubuntu snaps, container images (such as Docker and Podman) with a common APIs and CLI running on any environment including public cloud such as GCP.

What is available in MX-Packages?

  1. BubbleRAN Cloud-Native Near-RT RIC, service models and xApps
    1. SMs: Key performance Measurement (KPM) and RAN Control (RC), MAC, RLC, PDCP, RRC, and NG
    2. multi-language xApps/rApps: data collections, performance monitoring, RAN stats, RAN slicing, RAN reconfiguration
  2. BubbleRAN E2 Agent and service models for Amarisoft 4G and 5G software stack
  3. BubbleRAN E2 Agent and service models for OpenAirInterface 4G and 5G software stack (eNB/gNB/CU/DU)
  4. BubbleRAN E2 Agent and service models for srsRAN 4G and 5G software stack (eNB/CU/DU)
  5. Open5GS 4G and 5G software packages for all the CN components
  6. OpenAirInterface 4G and 5G software packages for CN component

All of the about software packages are available in binaries, Ubuntu Snaps, Docker, Podman, and terforms ready for execution/deployment on Ubuntu, Fedora, RedHat, Kubernetes, and GCP

MX-PKG continuous integration and delivery ( Multi-X CI/CD/DevOps)

Software Packages CI/CD/DevOps Platform!

Example performance of MX-PKGs for OpenAirInterface, srsRAN, and Amarisoft in FR1, 100MHz, 2x2 MIMO (indicative values)

Metric OpenAirInterface srsRAN
Max DL Throughput 600-800Mbps 600-800Mbps
Max UL Throughput 50-100Mbps 70-120Mbps
Average RTT (128 bytes ping) 5-11ms 10-15ms
Maximum number of users 4-16 32
KPM xApp latency 200us 300us
Platform Stability day days
Please contact us if you need sample performance results of Amarisoft in cloud-native environment.

Benefits of MX-PKGs for developers, vendors, and Operators

  1. Interoperable, validated, and certified software packages
  2. Multi-vendor, multi-version, multi-RAT, multi-OS, multi-container, and multi-cloud software packages
  3. Secured, unprivileged, and minimal footprint software packages
  4. Common APIs and CLIs
  5. Easy access to pull images from our hub

Need more features?

  1. Case 1: If you need an end-to-end emulated 4G/5G network featuring Open RAN in a controlled environment, then you may need the MX-ORS
  2. Case 2: If you plan to setup a concrete PoC prototype in the lab (TRL4) or MVP in a relevant environment (TRL 5 or 6), then you may need the MX-PDK product.
  3. Case 3: If you plan to deploy a 4G/5G network with or without Open RAN in an operational environment (TRL 7), then you may need the MX-PRO product.
  4. Case 4: If you plan to setup an all-in-one 4G/5G network in a box or extend the coverage in Case 2 and 3, then you may need the MX-HUB product.
  5. Case 5: If you plan to connect a soft 4G/5G UE to your network or need a customize a 4G/5G UE in Case 2 and 3, then you may need the MX-UE product. Please contact us.

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