MX-PDK: 4G/5G O-RAN Infra

MX-PDK: 4G/5G O-RAN Infra

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🏷️ €19900 | Base Price

Software License + 1Y Software Update and Support + dedicated chat channel included.
+€4900 user-level support for each additional Year
MX-PDK is all you need to build a multi-vendor end-to-end 4G/5G Open RAN infrastructure for the purpose of R&D, PoC demonstration, and use-case validation and experimentation. Formally, it is a production-grade cloud-native 4G/5G infrastructure allowing to seamlessly design, operate, and automate multiple concurrent end-to-end multi-vendor 4G/5G networks featuring Open RAN, slicing, and edge services, at scale. Download MX-PDK Data Sheet

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What is included in the MX-PDK product?

  1. O-Cloud: optimized Kubernetes-based 4G/5G cloud infrastructure with up to 64 High-performance compute nodes achieving maximum performance, stability, and scalability (up to 128 nodes). O-Cloud features synchronization, auto-device discovery, optimized data plane, and eBPF observability.

  2. 4G/5G Artifacts: OpenAirInterface-based eNB/gNB/CU/DU and 4GC/5GC non-privileged small-sized containers with the BubbleRAN E2 agents (E2AP v2/v3)

  3. O-RAN SMO/OAM: MX-Operator for zero-touch end-to-end 5G O-RAN lifecycle automation(day 0, day 1, and day 2). Refer to Technology and FAQ

    • Level 1: Resource detection and discovery (day 0), deploy (day 1), and test (day 2), release (day 2) and upgrade (day 2)
    • level 2: provisioning (day 0), configuration (day 1), and reconfiguration (day 2)
    • Level 3: Fault management, Deep insight with full observability, including monitoring, log processing, metrics, and alarms
    • Level 4: Zero touch auto-pilot empowered by GenAI/LLM and GenAI/LAM
  4. O-RAN Near-RT RIC, Non-RT-RIC:

    • E2AP v2/v3, A1AP v2 supported
    • Service models including O-RAN Key performance Measurement (KPM v2/v3), RAN Control (RC v1), Cell Configuration and Control (CCC v3.x) as well as custom SMs including MAC, RLC, PDCP, RRC, NGAP, Slice control, and Traffic Control
    • Multi-language extendable xApps including data collections, performance monitoring, RAN stats, RAN slicing, RAN reconfiguration, QoS Modification, Slice-level PRB Quota, Handover Control.
    • rApps including FlexPolicy, FlexMon, and FlexData.
    • portfolio of xApps and rApps delivered in source codes format

Supported Service Models and xApp Features!

  1. Observability Stack and Grafana dashboard: with multi-source data lake aggregating metrics, alerts, resources, stats, and CO2 footprint and their visualization with Grafana dashboard.

  2. Tool box: realtime E2E performance measurement, logging, and tracing tools

  3. UI: CLI, API, and dashboard to instrument the network

  4. Open RAN Studio: Built-in 5G O-RAN network emulation platform with soft UEs and channel models at scale with open lessons and lab manuals

  5. Open documentation: Access to open documentations in a form of tutorials, API references, deployment examples, lessons and lab manuals

Extra Options

  1. O-Cloud Hardware: High performance RACK servers with cabinet or high performance workstations. Minimum recommended number is 3.

  2. 4G/5G Device + SIM Cards: Quectel R15 or R16

  3. O-RU: O-RAN compliant 7.2 O-RU (Checkout BubbleRAN O-RAN Box), AW2S RRH (option 8 with eCPRI), Amarisoft SDR50 and SDR100, LimeSDR, USRP B210 and N3xx with their accessories. Contact us for other vendors.

  4. O-RAN Time-Aware switching Fabric: FibroLAN Falcon-RX or uFalcon-RX providing and PTP Grand-Master with precise time synchronization, PTP switching, and accessories.

  5. Artifacts:

    1. Lite-on Small cell gNB or O-RDU
    2. Amarisoft 4G/5G stack with the BubbleRAN E2 agent and service models including KPM, RC, and CCC
    3. srsRAN CU and DU with the BubbleRAN E2 agent and service models including KPM, RC, and CCC (coming soon)
    4. Open5GS 4G/5G core networks
    5. UERANSIM allowing to test core
  6. OS: Ubuntu with Realtime OS, Ubuntu Pro, Red Hat Enterprise with Realtime kernel

  7. DevOps Node: container development kit (CDK), multi-vendor continuous integration/delivery/deployment platform supporting both unit and end-to-end integration/interoperability/performance tests achieving 100x faster delivery cycles, feature release, and many more.

  8. Power Distribution Unit: allowing you to accurately monitor and control power consumption at the level of each compute node in your O-Cloud (K8S Cluster)

  9. Developer-level support: allowing you to develop and integrate new features in your infrastructure with the support of BubbleRAN engineers.

  10. Hardware Warranty extension: allowing you to replace your hardware equipment during the Warranty period, all taken care by BubbleRAN.

Supported Multi-X dimensions: Multi-vendor, Multi-version, Multi-RAT, Multi-Frequency, Multi-RF, Multi-CPU, Multi-OS, Multi-deployment.

MX-PDK Software Stack

MX-PDK Software Stack!

MX-PDK Hardware components

MX-PDK Hardware components!

Example of Grafana Dashboard

MX-PDK Grafana DashBorad!

Benefits of MX-PDK for developers, vendors, and Operators

  1. High-performance, flexible, reproducible, and consistent 4G/5G networking environment ideal for R&D, test, and measurement
  2. Design end-to-end multi-vendor 4G/5G network blueprints (mix-and-match and compose multi-vendor RAN and CORE network functions) tailored to your use-case
  3. Deploy and operate multiple 4G/5G network *concurrently
  4. Customize OpenAirInterface and srsRAN gNB, CU, DU network function with the BubbleRAN hosted DevOps
  5. Built-in Open RAN studio for both emulation and production deployment
  6. Test and measure operational network performance with COTS UEs and applications in the loop just with a command line interface
  7. Collect datasets and analyze network control and user planes

Different applications of MX-PDK for developers, vendors, and Operators

  1. Learning and education
  2. Development, Customization and Integration of network functions, edge services, xApps/rApps
  3. Testing and Validation of 3GPP-compliant 4G/5G networks as well and O-RAN xApps/rApps
  4. Vertical requirement analysis, use-case validation and assessment
  5. Reference development kit allowing 3rd parties to build a product based on our technology

Need more features?

  1. Case 1: If you need certain software components to complete your 4G/5G network, for example RIC and xApps, the you may need the MX-PKG.
  2. Case 2: If you need a faster 4G/5G development and testing cycle, You can either use MX-ORS product or use the MX-PDK product with the built-in Open RAN Studio environment.
  3. Case 3: If you plan to setup a concrete PoC prototype in the lab (TRL4) or MVP in a relevant environment (TRL 5 or 6), then MX-PDK is the product your are looking for.
  4. Case 4: If you plan to deploy a 4G/5G network with or without Open RAN in an operational environment (TRL 7), then you may need the MX-PRO product.
  5. Case 5: If you plan to setup an all-in-one 4G/5G network in a box or extend the coverage in Case 2 and 3, then you may need the MX-HUB product.
  6. Case 6: If you plan to connect a soft 4G/5G UE to your network or need a customize a 4G/5G UE in Case 2 and 3, then you may need the MX-UE product. Please contact us.

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Need more information ?

We recognize that each deployment scenario has unique needs, and that the solution must be tailored, adjusted, and tested in its intended environment. To assist you, we could plan a live demo and aid you in filling out a questionnaire to assess your requirements and assist you in finding the best solution.

Need more information on MX-PDK, A Flexible Private 5G Infrastructure with Open RAN at scale, or a quotation?