100x more flexibility and efficiency

Cloud-Native 4G/5G evolved with Open RAN

Benefit from our unique combination of programmability, scalability and performance

1x click away to any 5G connectivity

4G/5G Network Delivered as a Service

Capitalize on our Telco CI/CD/DevOps to continuously optimize your network blueprint

Plug-and-connect any device

Portable 4G/5G Network in a Box

Benefit from our simple, secure and seamless all-in-one 5G solution with backhauling

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About Us

A Professional Startup with A Creative team rooted in R&D

Why BubbleRAN?

We empower organizations, communities, and people to create their own connectivity bubble and become their own private network provider/operator. Our purpose is two fold: (1) to deliver a 4G/5G network connectivity as-a-service that is vendor-neutral, affordable, and trustworthy and (2) to supply an emergent open ecosystem, where everyone can join, innovate and make benefits.

How do we help?

At BubbleRAN, we help organizations to seamlessly build, operate, and automate their own fully software-based private 4G/5G network by consolidating standard-compliant open RAN and cloud-native agility with green ITs offering more than 100x flexibility, efficiency, and lower carbon footprint for a wide range of use-cases.

What do we do?

We build a range of software-based 4G/5G products that are simple to use and integrate in any environment, based on both Open-Source and industrial-grade network components. We are the creators of 4G/5G connectivity-as-a-service empowered by our software-based Operator and DevOps technology to continuously integrate, deploy, and optimize the network.

Why today?

With today’s availability of private spectrum for 4G/5G, organizations, communities, and people can now reduce their costs with a pay-as-you-go strategy, and evolve and scale their 4G/5G networks to dynamically adapt their network requirements as their business needs change over time.

Let us solve your network problem once for all

BubbleRAN Solutions

BubbleRAN 4G/5G Product Family

From the Lab to the Production Environments

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4G/5G Software Packages

What are MX-Packages? MX-PKGs are deployment-ready interoperable 4G LTE, 5G NR, and Open RAN software components in a form of binaries, Ubuntu snaps, container images (such as Docker and Podman) with a common APIs and CLI running on any environment including public cloud such as GCP.

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4G/5G Open RAN Studio

What is Open RAN Studio? Open RAN Studio is a production-grade cloud-native platform allowing users to seamlessly design, operate, and experiment an emulated end-to-end 3GPP and O-RAN standard-compliant network with edge services, at scale.

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MX-PDK: Test and Measurements

What is MX-PDK? MX-PDK is a production-grade cloud-native 4G/5G platform allowing to seamlessly design, operate, and automate multiple concurrent end-to-end multi-vendor 4G/5G networks featuring Open RAN, slicing, and edge services, at scale.

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BubbleRAN 4G/5G Technology Highlights

More than 100x higher efficiency and delivery cycle with lower carbon footprint

  • Cloud-Native Automation

    Enable 4G/5G connectivity-as-a-service delivery on a telco-optimized with full life cycle automation and an intelligent intent-based reconciliation.

  • Emergent Open Ecosystem

    Offer a multi-vendor 4G/5G CI/CD/DevOps platform, where everyone can join, innovate and make benefits.

  • Closed-Loop Observability

    Ingest and visualize network data and bring actionable insights for Day 2 operations.

  • 4C-Secure Networking

    Ensure security at all layers and enforce policies, compliance, and scoping to your network.

  • Agile DevOps

    Operate with more than 100x efficiency and delivery cycle via continuous integration, delivery, and optimization.

  • Sustainability

    Capitalize on a vendor-neutral, affordable, and trustworthy 4G/5G network accessible to all and reduce your carbon foot-print.

  • Emergent Open Ecosystem

    Why Customers Are Choosing Us?

    • 10X technological advancements in 6D

      We bring down the idea-to-market time to its strict minimum, just with our technology.
    • Emergent Open Ecosystem

      Openness is our motto and we foresee emerging business models, where new players can join and make profit.
    • Professional Relationship

      Customers are our kings and queens, we strive to provide a consistent and reliable service.
    • Cost and Energy Effectiveness

      We enforce a fair pricing and green IT policies to meet the current needs of scalability and energy efficiency to lower the cost and carbon footprint.

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    by BubbleRAN/ on 17 Sep 2022

    Open RAN and Beyond by Multi-x

    BubbleRAN brings Cloud-Native Open RAN as the solution for the future telco ecosystem, delivering sustainable and automated networks with minimal cost.

    by BubbleRAN/ on 28 Feb 2022

    BubbleRAN unveils the MX-PDK Product

    BubbleRAN has unveiled its MX-PDK, a Multi-X Platform Development Kit for 4G/5G experimentation and validation.

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