MX-PRO: Plug-and-Play Private 5G

MX-PRO: Plug-and-Play Private 5G

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The MX-PRO is a high-performance industry-grade ready-to-deploy 4G/5G product allowing to deploy 3GPP compliant 4G LTE and 5G NR networks in a production environment at scale, featuring Open RAN, slicing, and edge services. It is a seamless turnkey solution that is fully managed, operated, and automated. MX-PRO Data Sheet

What is included in the MX-PRO product?

  1. Private and/or public Cloud Infra: 4G/5G optimized cloud infrastructure (Kubernetes, GCP, Azure, and AWS) with at least 3x high-performance compute nodes featuring
    1. High data-plane performance achieving the same performance as bare-metal deployment
    2. High stability, reliability, and scalability (up to 128 compute nodes)
    3. 4C security support including code, container, cluster, and cloud
    4. Optimized Kubernetes (Data plane, automatic devices discovery and exposure, scheduling, Numa)
    5. Red Hat Realtime kernel
    6. P2P 1588v2 Synchronization
  2. 4G/5G Stack: Industrial-grade 4G/5G gNB (1 cell, FR1, 100 MHz, 4x4 MIMO), up to 1.4Gbps DL, and 300Mbps in UL. It comes with two flavors for both indoor and outdoor:
    1. gNB with split 7.2: Radio units with Antenna, mounting kit and accessories
    2. All-in-one gNB in a box: 100MHz, 4T4R, 250mW/5W, 5Kg, IP65, -30C to 65C
    3. Soft CU with a DU+RU in a box: 100MHz, 4T4R, 250mW/5W, 5Kg, IP65, -30C to 65C
    4. 4GC and 5GC core networks with IMS
  3. Management and Operations: Fully managed and operated 4G/5G infrastructure with built-in security, observibility, and fault tolerancy (Day 2 Operations) on the top of optimized Kubernetes. Refer to Technology
  4. Tool box: realtime E2E performance measurement, logging, and tracing tools
  5. UI: CLI, API, and dashboard to instrument the network
  6. 10x preconfigured SIM cards with the PLMN of your choice
  7. Support, service-level agreement, documentation, and dedicated chat channel.

Extra Options:

  1. Open RAN: O-RAN-compliant stack including near-RT RIC, Non-RT RIC), SMO, and reusable and multi-language xApps/rApps(See also FAQ)
  2. DevOps: multi-vendor continuous integration/delivery/deployment platform supporting both unit and end-to-end integration/interoperability/performance tests achieving 100x faster delivery cycles, feature release, and many more.
  3. Hardware Warranty extension

MX-PRO Software Stack and Hardware Components

MX-PRO Platform Components!

Example performance of MX-PRO in FR1, 100MHz, 4x4 MIMO (indicative values)
Metric Measured Value
Max DL Throughput (TCP BBR) 800-1.4Gbps
Max UL Throughput (TCP BBR) 70-300Mbps
Average RTT (128 bytes ping) 5-18ms
Maximum number of users up to 512

For more details, please refer to the data sheet. For performance values, please contact us.

Benefits of MX-PRO for Integrator, Verticals or Operators

  1. High-performance, ready-to-deploy, industrial-grade 4G/5G network at scale
  2. Automated 4G/5G lifecycle operations including observability, fault tolerency, reconfiguration, and upgrade
  3. Ready-made network deployment blueprints for private 5G, hot-spots, IoT, coverage in rural area, public safety among the others
  4. Built-in test and measure capabilities
  5. Multiple user interfaces including Command line interface, API, and Dash Board

Need more features?

  1. Case 1: If you need certain software components to complete your 4G/5G network, for example RIC and xApps, the you may need the MX-PKG.
  2. Case 2: If you need a development, test and measurement environment, You can either use MX-ORS product or use the MX-PDK product with the built-in Open RAN Studio environment.
  3. Case 3: If you plan to setup a concrete PoC prototype in the lab (TRL4) or MVP in a relevant environment (TRL 5 or 6), then you may need the MX-PDK product.
  4. Case 4: If you plan to deploy a 4G/5G network with or without Open RAN in an operational environment (>TRL 7), then MX-PRO is the product your are looking for.
  5. Case 5: If you plan to setup an all-in-one 4G/5G network in a box or extend the coverage in Case 2 and 3, then you may need the MX-HUB product.
  6. Case 6: If you plan to connect a soft 4G/5G UE to your network or need a customize a 4G/5G UE in Case 2 and 3, then you may need the MX-UE product. Please contact us.

BubbleRAN Product Family!

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We recognize that each deployment scenario has unique needs, and that the solution must be tailored, customized, and tested in its intended production environment. To assist you, we need to assess your requirements and assist you in finding the best solution.

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