MX-HUB: 4G/5G Router

MX-HUB: 4G/5G Router

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🏷️ €9800 (Base Price)

Hardware + Software + 1Y Software Update and Support Included.
+€2900 for each additional Year.
MX-HUB is a fully-managed all-in-one 4G/5G networking platform with a backhauling. It has a small, compact and portable form factor, making it possible to integrate/embed it in your system. Download MX-HUB Data Sheet

The MX-HUB is a feature-rich 4G/5G node with four variants:

  1. 4G/5G terminal-in-a-Box (TIB): It is a 4G LTE UEs and 5G NR UEs (MX-UE) in one box, allowing simultaneous multi-connectivity to different 4G and 5G networks. It supports both software-based 4G/5G UE stack as well as chipset.

  2. 4G/5G network-in-a-box (NIB): It is an all in one box 4G LTE eNB and 5G NR gNB (MX-RAN), 4G EPC and 5GC, and IMS, forming a fully managed mobile private network (MPN). You can forward traffic between 4G and 5G networks in the same box.

  3. 4G/5G Router: It combines (1) and (2) to interconnect (meshing) different 4G/5G NIBs and route among them. TIB is used to provide 4G/5G backhauling between different NIB.

  4. 4G/5G embedded: it is a MX-HUB platform development kit with root access allowing to embed/integrate MX-HUB as a subsystem into another system (e.g. drones, robots, UAV).

  5. 4G/5G Tester: It allows 3rd part network and terminal testing featuring rich APIs, selective logging and filtering 3GPP LTE and NR stacks, and integrated traffic generators (ping, iPerf, VOIP, and HTTP transfer. IT also simulates various channel conditions with the embedded channel simulator for realistic scenarios.

  1. Software-based Design with flexible configuration – Bandwidth, Band, Frequency, etc.
  2. Higher data rate up to 600 Mbps in downlink and 100Mbps in uplink
  3. O-RAN E2 and O1 interface with RIC and xApp
  4. Centralized Operation and Management systems
  5. High availability and resiliency
  6. Battery Powered (9V to 24V DC full range)
  7. Customizable form factor and closure.
  8. Cloud integration
MX-HUB Design Consideration

Affordability for private networking customers and production at massive scale

Low energy footprint and repairability for sustainability causes

Small and resistant form factor for better environmental integration

Plug-and-play mode of operation for ease of adoption

Security and availability

Support for edge applications and services

What is included in the MX-HUB product?

  1. Industrial-grade portable small-form-factor compute node with minimal energy consumption (40 W)
  2. Industrial-grade 4G/5G stack (MX-RAN and MX-CN or MX-UE) with 50MHz bandwidth in 2x2 MIMO. Indicatively, a NIB could reach 300 Mbps in DL, and 20 Mbps in UL, 5-9 ms latency)
  3. Integrated SDR, Antenna and accessories
  4. Central management and operations
    • 4G/5G network manager with plug-and-play mode of operation
    • Automatic updates – System and software
    • User-interface in a form of CLI
  5. Support of local edge applications and services
  6. Security and availability
  7. 4x pre-configured SIM cards with the PLMN of your choice
  8. Access to open documentation in a form of tutorials, API references, deployment examples and lab manual

Feel free to contact us if you need additional information.

MX-HUB Platform Components!

Typical performance of MX-HUB in FR1, 40MHz, 2x2 MIMO configuration (Indicative values)

Metric Measured Value
Max DL Throughput 140Mbps
Max UL Throughput 20Mbps
Average RTT (128 bytes ping) 6-12ms
Maximum number of users 16-32
Range 20m (extendable to 1km)
For more detail performance values, please contact us.

MX-HUB Embeded hardware platform

MX-HUB Platform Components!

Benefits of MX-HUB for Integrator, Verticals or Operators

  1. Low-cost, low power consumption (40W),
  2. Small and compact form factor, light-weight, portable or embeddable (1.5kg)
  3. Plug-and-connect 4G/5G networking (as easy as wifi access point)
  4. Coverage extension (Relaying) with its 4G/5G wireless backhaul link

Different applications of MX-HUB for developers, vendors, and Operators

  1. IoT, Public Safety, Moving/Relay 4G/5G, coverage extension, connected robots/UAV.
  2. Data collection mule
  3. Private networks and services with a limited scope form the public operator
  4. IoT on far-end of the network reach with network coverage extension
  5. Rapidly-deployable networks where the infrastructure is sparse or nonexistence
  6. Integrating traditional networks into high-tech clouds

Need more features?

  1. Case 1: If you need a development, test and measurement environment, You can either use Open RAN studio product or use the MX-PDK product.
  2. Case 2: If you plan to setup a concrete PoC prototype in the lab (TRL4) or MVP in a relevant environment (TRL 5 or 6), then you may need the MX-PDK product.
  3. Case 3: If you plan to deploy a 4G/5G network with or without Open RAN in an operational environment (>TRL 7), then you may need the MX-PRO product.
  4. Case 4: If you plan to setup an all-in-one 4G/5G network in a box or extend the coverage in Case 2 and 3, then MX-HUB is the product your are looking for.
  5. Case 5: If you plan to connect a soft 4G/5G UE to your network or need a customize a 4G/5G UE in Case 2 and 3, then you may need the MX-UE product. Please contact us.

BubbleRAN Product Family!

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We recognize that each deployment scenario has unique needs, and that the solution must be tailored, adjusted, and tested in its intended environment. To assist you, we need to assess your requirements and assist you in finding the best solution.

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