BubbleRAN @MWC 2024

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16 Feb 2024, MWC, Barcelona 2023,

💎 Checkout our Cutting-Edge Demos

BubbleRAN @MWC 2024

Meet with us at MWC Hall2#2B77 to witness our groundbreaking demonstrations showcasing cutting edge 5G+/6G technologies, and start your journey with BubbleRAN Technologies and Products.

MWC'24 Demos!

MWC Demo Details

  1. 📣 MX-ORAN: BubbleRAN reveals its latest product, MX-ORAN: a fully-fledged extendable 5G O-RAN in a box, at MWC this year in partnership with Lite-ON Technology (O-RAN 7.2 RUs in FR1 and FR2) and FibroLAN (PTP Switching Fabric and GM).
Come and see it by yourself!
On-site new product demo 💎📍

  1. 🔗 5G Direct demonstrating how 5G devices create their own private, secure, and collaborative spatial computing and networking area without relying on edge capabilities. .
On-site Flagship Demo 💎📍

  1. 🚗 5G V2X demonstrating V2X smart traffic lights 🚦 enabled by Intent-driven 5G network slicing to enhance urban traffic safety in smart cities using real-time data while optimizing vehicular traffic flow.
On-site demo 📍

  1. 🔄 TelecomGPT demonstrating 5G/6G spectrum sharing in frequency range 3 (FR3) with dynamic performance scaling enabled by LLM-based collaborative operators on the top of OpenAI GPT4.
On-cloud demo ☁️

  1. ECO-RAN demonstrating the integration of multi-cell energy management in a end-to-end 5G O-RAN network, featuring mobility-load balancing (MLB) controlled by an xApp on the top of Near-RT RIC, while retaining the desired QoS. It features dynamic network control enabled by the O-RAN RC and KPM service models. We show case energy efficiency in scenarios with spatio-temporal user traffic mobility and load fluctuations (micro and macro mobility) with guaranteed QoS.
On-cloud demo ☁️

  1. 🎓 Open RAN Studio demonstrating realistic, standard-compliant multi-vendor 4G/5G ORAN environment designed for education, R&D, and experimentation at hyper scale, with Open documentation, lab manuals, lecture notes, and videos accessible to all.
On-cloud demo ☁️

This year we are co-hosting the booth with Eurecom and OpenAirInterface Software Alliance.

Join us at the booth and share your thoughts with all of us!