Scalable 5G O-RAN Infra.

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01 Apr 2024, Sophia-Antipolis, France, BubbleRAN

Build, Automate, and Operate your 5G O-RAN infrastructure that meets your goals. 🤝

Scalable 5G O-RAN Infra.

5G O-RAN Compliant Infrastructure delivered at scale!

We are proud to announce that we released a complete end-to-end cloud-native 5G O-RAN product that could be tailored according to your requirements and use-cases. Different form factors are possible ranging from rack to workstation to mini-cubes that can be extended with a public cloud (Google K8s Engine, AWS, and Azure). MX-PDK Data Sheet

MX-ORAN at MWC 2024!

MX-ORAN, designed and built in collaboration with LITEON Technology and Fibrolan, is a turnkey solution, ideal for R&D and building cutting edge PoC demonstration as well as for O-RAN Open Testing and Integration Centers (OTIC), as it provides an open ecosystem for collaborative development, testing and integration of O-RAN based solutions. MX-ORAN has been already adopted by some of the OTIC centers Asia and USA.

MX-ORAN extends our MX-PDK and MX-PRO product family with the four optional new components:

  1. Edge Application: Service discovery, local breakout, and seamless support of vertical and/or business application and service at UPF;
  2. PTP Grand-master (GM) and Time-aware x-Haul switching fabric: Leaf-spin L2 switching for x-haul networking and GNSS antennas and accessories;
  3. Power Distribution Unit (PDU): probe and meter power consumption of each unit using Redfish protocol and APIs;
  4. New RAN Components for Indoor Small-Cells from Lite-ON
Component Description & Features Scenarios Product
O-RU O-RAN 7.2 RU Small Cell: 100MHz, SA, 4x4 MIMO, FR1(n78/79) and FR2 (n257), O1, P2P Sync Stadium, Campus, Shopping Mall, Smart City O-RU!
O-RDU Combined RU and DU Small Cell: 100MHz, SA, 4x4 MIMO, FR1(n77/n78/79), E2, O1, P2P Sync Stadium, Campus, Train Station, shopping Mall, Smart City, Factories, Transport ORDU!
O-gNB All-in-one Small Cell: 100MHz, SA, 4x4 MIMO, FR1(n77/n78/79), E2, O1, P2P Sync Stadium, Campus, Train Station, shopping Mall, Media O-GNB!

Currently, we are supporting the following dimensions/variants in the 5G O-RAN infrastructure.

  1. Multi vendors 5G Stack
  2. Multi RU vendors
  3. Multi OS
  4. Multi CPU vendors
  5. Multi Cloud
  6. Multi Networks

Need more information ?

We recognize that each O-RAN deployment and scenario may have specific requirements, and that the solution must be tailored and tuned in its intended environment.

To assist you, feel free to request more information on MX-ORAN, or simply a quotation?