Official Release: Bronze

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26 Oct 2023, Sophia-Antipolis, France, BubbleRAN

Let MX-Operator be your eyes and ears!

Official Release: Bronze

Embrace Cloud-Native Open RAN with Multi-x

BubbleRAN second major official software release, code named Bronze, brings Multi-vendor 4G/5G Automation and Reconciliation to the forefront, featuring a complete O-RAN stack with enhanced #OAM capabilities, an observability stack, and seamless edge integration. The Bronze release comes the following features:

  1. 3GPP Rel 16: FR1/FR2, 4x4 MIMO, SA/NSA, Mobility, QoS, Slicing
  2. O-RAN: 7.2 O-RU, A1AP, E2AP v2/v3, KPM v2/v3, RC v1, Near-RT RIC, Non-RT RIC, xApps, rApp policies, Open RAN Studio v2 3 OAM: Multi-vendor Automation & Reconciliation, Fault Management, Large-Scale Deployment, Public Cloud (GKE), CLI/API, Visualization
  3. Observability: Metrics, Alerts, Resources, Stats, Energy, CO2
  4. Performance: Guaranteed Throughout, Low delay, Low Jitter
  5. Edge Applications: Client/Server and Peer-to-Peer, Discovery
  6. Open Documentation: Tutorials, API Spec., Academy, Lab Manuals