From Private to Public Clouds

Multi-vendor 4G/5G Networks Delivered with Mx-Operator

Featuring Open RAN, Slicing, Cloud-Native Automation and Intelligence

BubbleRAN Stack and Operator's and Developer's Interfaces
BubbleRAN Technology

DevOps Platform

BubbleRAN delivers an agile and consistent Cloud-Native Multi-vendor DevOps platform providing more than 10x faster on-boarding, performance and conformance testing (3GPP and O-RAN), efficiency and delivery cycles targeting telco network functions and applications. The following

  • 01. Devs

    on-board, migrate, build, package, test, release

  • 02. hub

    pull, push, version, promote, access control

  • 03. Ops

    provision, operate, observe, insight, automate

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BubbleRAN DevOps Technology

From bare-metal to public and private cloud Deployment

BubbleRAN Cloud-Native Deployment Models

BubbleRAN Deployment Model

01. Bring simplicity and cloud agility to deploy 4G and 5G RAN (DU, CU), CN, and RIC on COTS hardware in just one minute. 02 Observe and control your network events and alarms with a single command. 03 Manage and automate your day 0/1/2/n network operations with a powerful cli. 04 Achieve high performance and scalable data plane, without any encap/decap overheads. 05 Apply green operational policy for energy-efficiency tailored to the infrastructure and application

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"Bronze" Release v2.0.0 Notes, 26/10/2023

5G Open RAN Observability at Scale

  • 01. 3GPP

    Rel 16, FR1/FR2, MIMO, SA/NSA, Mobility, Slicing, QoS

  • 02. Open RAN/O-RAN

    Near-RT & Non-RT RICs, xApps, rApps Policies, KPM and RC service Models, Open RAN Studio, SMO

  • 03. Cloud-Native

    Multi-vendor Automation & Reconciliation, Fault Management, Large-Scale Deployment, Public Cloud (GKE), CLI/API, Visualization, Auto Device Discovery

  • 04. Performance

    Guaranteed throughput, Low Latency (5ms RTT), Low Jitter (200us)

  • 05. Data & Observability

    Observability Metrics, Alerts, Resources, Stats, Energy, CO2

  • 06. Edge Services

    Discovery, Client/Server application, Peer-to-Peer, Routing behind Devices

  • 07. Open Documentation

    Tutorials, API Spec., Lab Manual, Knowledge Base

What is Multi-x? Multi-x refers to Multi-vendor, Multi-version, Multi-Frequency, Multi-RF, Multi-cloud, Multi-OS, Multi-deployment.