BubbleRAN @MWC 2023

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27 Feb 2023, MWC, Barcelona 2023,


BubbleRAN @MWC 2023

Why private 5G need a cloud-native efficiency?

We can’t wait to unleash BubbleRAN’s cloud-native private 5G expertise at this event. Connect with us, meet our leaders, and start your journey with the BubbleRAN Technology.

We would love to share vision on how to empower private 5G beneficiaries to take control and operate their network and how to make private 5G accessible for enterprise.

At MWC, BubbleRAN is demonstrating four innovations in the telecom industry:

  1. Telco DevOps demonstrating how to achieve business agility and flexibility with a telco-grade continuous integration/delivery/optimization (CI/CD/CO) on a live 5G network on private remote cloud infrastructure. We support 6 Operations today:
On-board, Image Append, Image Convert: for new elements
App/NF patch, Image patch, and Image customize: for existing elements

  1. 4G/5G Hub demonstrating an integrated and portable 4G/5G network in a box solution with a backhauling option allowing to rapidly deploy a standalone network or to embed in your solution. Three mode of operations are supported:
Standalone, Relay, and Mesh (3 hops)

  1. Cloud-Native multi-vendor Open RAN live deployment demonstrating a cloud-native O-RAN compliant solution with RAN intelligent controller (RIC) as well as the service management and orchestrator (O-RAN SMO) developed as an Kubernetes Operator. Demo Features are:
Day-0/1/2 Automation, Fault tolerance, Resource Auto-Discovery and Assignment, Closed-Loop Observability

  1. Open RAN Studio is an on-site demonstration providing a realistic and standard-compliant environment for learning, experimentation and data collection at scale. Demo features are:
3GPP and O-RAN Compliant, End-to-end with UE and Application in the loop, Cloud-Native Multi-vendor

This year we are co-hosting the booth with OpenAirInterface Software Alliance and Eurecom.

Join us at the booth and share your thoughts with all of us!