Plug-&-connect 5G Hub

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06 Oct 2022, WEF event, Grenoble, France, BubbleRAN

Ready to deploy a 4G/5G Network in a box?

Plug-&-connect 5G Hub

Exhibition at World Electronic Forum hosted at INRIA Grenoble.

BubbleRAN demonstrated a rapidly deployable mobile private 5G network (MNP) with a 5G backhaul link to a public network using the MX-Hub product family.

What is the BubbleRAN MX-HUB product?

It is an integrated all-in-one and customizable 4G LTE and 5G NR LAN solution (in a form of a network in a box) allowing to rapidly deploy a mobile private network (MPN) in two operational modes: Managed and Standalone and in three network typologies: one-hop, relay, and mesh networks. It supports local edge services and has three interfaces:

  1. 4G/5G backhaul
  2. IP, NG, and E2
  3. command-line interfaces.

Salient features are:

  1. Coordinated and controlled access via E2 interface to an external/internal RIC
  2. Network capacity optimization with self-organizing capabilities
  3. low-cost, low power consumption, small and compact form factor, light-weight, portable, and even the capability to be powered on battery, making it also possible to be embedded.

MX-Hub is an ideal solution for IoT, Public Safety, Moving/Relay 4G/5G, coverage extension, connected robots/UAV. Other use-cases are:

  1. Private networks and services with a limited scope form the public operator
  2. Mesh networking scenarios such as connected robots/UAV for fixed/moving 4G/5G network
  3. IoT on far-end of the network reach with network coverage extension
  4. Rapidly-deployable networks where the infrastructure is sparse or nonexistence
  5. Integrating traditional networks into high-tech clouds