Official Release: Azure

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10 Oct 2022, Sophia-Antipolis, FR, BubbleRAN

Cloud-Native Open RAN Delivered

Official Release: Azure

Embrace Cloud-Native Open RAN with Multi-x

BubbleRAN official software release embracing Cloud-Native OpenRAN with multi-X, code named Azure, where you are one click away from one x to another (one vendor to another). This release brings the following features:

  1. 3GPP Rel 16, FR1/FR2, 4x4 MIMO, SA/NSA, Slicing
  2. Open RAN Near-RT & Non-RT RIC, xApps/rApps, SMO
  3. Cloud-Native Agile Deployment, Device Discovery, Full lifecycle
  4. Performance High throughput (xMBB), Low delay (uRLLC)
  5. DevOps CLI, CI/CD, Container Dev. Kit (CDK), Platform Dev. Kit (Snap, Docker Compose, Podman Play), Image Patch, Hub
  6. Open Documentation Tutorials, API Spec., Academia