Open RAN Studio

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25 Mar 2023, MWC, Barcelona 2023,

End-to-End 4G/5G Open RAN delivered

Open RAN Studio

Open RAN Studio has been revealed in MWC 2023, during which we demonstrated an O-RAN compliant near-RT and non-RT RAN intelligent controllers (RIC), service management and orchestration (SMO), and KPM and RAN slicing xApps and a simple SLA policy rApps running on the top of OpenAirInterface 5G CU and DU connecting to the soft OAI 5G UE.

Within few weeks of its release, Open RAN Studio has been adopted by more than 30 universities and R&D centers, allowing to reuse and customize xApps and rApps across different organizations.

What is Open RAN Studio?

Open RAN Studio is a production-grade cloud-native platform allowing users to seamlessly design, operate, and experiment an emulated end-to-end 3GPP and O-RAN standard-compliant network with edge services, at scale (see Product).

What are the benefits of Open RAN studios?

Using Open RAN studio, now developers, vendors, and Operators are able to:

  1. develop NFs/xApps/rApps and on-board them using a software development kit (SDK)
  2. design a multi-vendor Open RAN network blueprints tailored to your use-case
  3. deploy and operate their blueprints at scale
  4. control and reconfigure RAN via xApps/rApps
  5. collect datasets and analyze network control and user planes.

In addition, they can learn and reuse existing resources via open documentation.