Open Source 5G Standalone Deployment in a city

30 Jun 2022, Alba-Iulia, Romania, BubbleRAN

Open Source 5G Standalone Deployment in a city

Digital Mobility Services in Alba-Iulia Municipality.

BubbleRAN successfully validates the performance of the MX-PDK product in a production environment at the Alba Iulia municipality in Romania. The following services have been deployed

  1. Infotainment/video services in dense, static and mobile environment
  2. Prioritized communication to Command &Control Centre
  3. AI recognition and identification of emergency situation

For this use-case, two network slices have been created:

  1. Slice 1 (xMBB) : Internet connectivity up to 100 Mbps downlink traffic, low priory
  2. Slice 2 (uRLLC): Camera Surveillance offering 40 Mbps, uplink traffic, high priority

The MX-Pro product was composed of the 5G SA stack from OpenAirInterface connected to a eCPRI COTs RU from AW2S. This deployment was performed in collaboration with Orange Romania, in the context H2020 5G-VICTORI Project. We demonstrated an over-the-air round trip latency of 5ms, and an uplink video streaming of 20Mbps are achievable from a moving bus to a OAI-based 5G base station located at the rooftop of a building 500m away from the bus.