Cloud-Native Open RAN delivered End-to-End

07 Sep 2022, NGMN, Paris, France, BubbleRAN

Cloud-Native Open RAN delivered End-to-End

Exhibition at NGMN IC&E.

BubbleRAN jointly with Eurecom demonstrated the Cloud-Native multi-vendor Open RAN live deployment with COTS 5G UEs in the loop to the NGMN partners.

The demo relied on the OpenAirInterface disaggregated and monolithic 5G SA stack, srsRAN 4G stack both connected to the FlexRIC near-RT RIC with the KPM service model and xApps, all deployed using the BubbleRAN MX-Operator. The following features have been highlighted:

  1. Implemented using containers on Kubernetes without virtualization or traditional mindsets on VNF or PNF
  2. Cloud-native Intelligent control and automation via Kubernetes Operators in support of full lifecycle, Day-0, Day-1, Day-2
  3. Uses top-notch Kubernetes and cloud native tools (Does not reinvent the wheel)
  4. Best practices of DevOps and cloud native including idempotency, consistency, security, declarative deployment
  5. Automation of device discovery and its association to workloads as resources
  6. Telco optimized networking with PT-synchronization
  7. Closed-loop observability and green networking
  8. Openness of the interfaces