01. Our Why

We believe in a vendor-neutral open, trustworthy, and sustainable telecom network in full software and to supply an emergent open ecosystem, where everyone can join, innovate and make benefits. BuubleRAN’s 4Ps are:

  • Product
  • People
  • Positive
  • Planet

02. Our How

We make our products simple to use and integrate in any environment, from our own R&D based on both Open Source and commercial components. BubleRAN’s mission:

  • Underpin Operations of multi-vendor 4G/5G software-based telecom networks
  • Deliver a consistent DevOps platform for continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD)of the 4G/5G software components
  • Simple to use and integrate 4G/5G software components in any environments
  • Empower organization to build and operate their own telecom networks

03. Our What

We are the creators of 4G/5G connectivity-as-a-service with our range of cloud-native multi-vendor 4G and 5G products empowered by our telco continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) technology. BuubleRAN’s product features:

  • Consistent Performance in any environment
  • Secure and unprivileged software components
  • Extreme agility and delivery of network service
  • Right price with low upskill cost
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We bring connectivity bubbles everywhere

We bring connectivity bubbles everywhere

01. Who we are?

We are a creative team and a professional startup working to make significant difference for our customers and community. We have adopted the best practices rooted in R&D, Open Source, and standards - with high-level of cooperation and transparency and factfullness – that we believe lead to more effective and inclusive decision making realizing our mission towards an open, connected and sustainable future.

02. Our Startup

Founded in south of France on June 2021, BubbleRAN is a professional startup company dedicated to the telecom industry that finds its root in experimental realtime wireless platforms OpenAirInterface as well as agile 5G platforms Mosaic5G aiming at providing production-ready solutions with more than 100x efficiency and delivery cycles in any environments. Our mission is to build and deliver an open, trustworthy, and sustainable Telecom Ecosystem that is able to bring rapidly limitless connectivity bubbles to everyone and everything, everywhere.

03. Open Source

Open Source is the core value of BubbleRAN. Starting with open source makes it possible to establish a community where people are engaged and cooperate to build a better telecom software and broader ecosystem that is able to address the critical challenges introduced by vendor locked-in, at all levels. Over the past few years, major innovation in the industry has shifted to open source, as the dominant way forward, and this is also happening to telecom. BubbleRAN remains committed that the core of our technology will always remain open source.

04. Developers & Researchers

We believe in elevating developers and researchers to innovate in 4G/5G+ by bridging the gap between the perception and the reality and bringing new ideas into existence with realism.



We strive to deliver you the best-in-class multi-vendor 4G/5G solutions empowered by Open RAN, Cloud-native, and ML/AI technologies for private 5G and R&D markets.

Navid Nikaein

CEO and Founder, BubbleRAN
Co-founder and Board Member of OpenAirInterface, OSA

Founder of Mosaic5G

Giving Back

Every child needs a chance for education and every school needs to be able to support it. BubbleRAN commits to make a significant difference in the lives of underprivileged children around the world by means of donations and IT supports as the only happiness that lasts is the happiness that comes from giving back.