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This page summarizes the releases of the Trirematics project.

Azure, v1.0.0

Trirematics Azure release is aiming to provide a complete 4G/5G Cloud-Native OpenRAN solution, forming a multi-vendor private 5G network as MX-PDK product.

Semantic Versionv1.0.0
HeadlineEmbrace OpenRAN with Multi-x
Release Date2022-10-10

Top Features Set

  • Multi-x: Multi-RF (FR1, FR2), -vendor, -version, -runtime, -distribution
  • O-RAN compliant: RT & Near-RT RIC, xApps, E2
  • Automation: Agile deployment, Device discovery, Day-2: reconfiguration, Full lifecycle
  • Customization: Mix-and-match, CDK with patch support, Migration from Docker Compose
  • Performance: High throughput, Low delay, Low footprint

Included Artifacts

  • OpenAirInterface: 5GC Minimal (DB,AMF,SMF,SPGW-U), NR (gNB,CU,DU,RF-SIM), M5G (FlexRIC,xApps) (Amethyst)

  • Amarisoft: LTE-MME (4G,5G), LTE-ENB (4G,5G), LTE-IMS, Utilities (SDR Driver,Consul,License Server)

  • Software Radio Systems: SRS-RAN (4G)

  • Quectel: UE Controller (4G,5G)

  • Operator Plane: Athena (Base Operator,Terminal Operator,Manager)

  • Device Control: Gaia Device Manager, Node Function Discovery

  • Utilities: CLI, CDK (Almond)

  • Composition Models: oai-cn-models, oai-ran-models, amarisoft-simple-ran, srs-model, terminal-model


The following sub-releases are minor upgrades of Azure.

Sub-releaseVersionRelease DateNew Features
Almondv1.1.02022-11-25FR2 and Open RAN Studio
Amethystv1.2.02022-12-20Early-access on monitoring
Amberv1.3.02023-02-10CDK and Early-access on DevOps