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Endilie Yacop Sucipto

October 2023 Roadmap‚Äč

In October 2023, we will be focusing on the following topics:

Week#41 2023   MX-ORS

ORS on Public Clouds

Open RAN Studio on Google Kubernetes Engine

Starting in October 2023, Open RAN Studio (MX-ORS) will be available to be deployed on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) via Terraform and for multiple groups. This enables the universities to use MX-ORS for multiple groups of students without the need of having dedicated physical servers.

Current Features

  Supports autoscaling GKE clusters

  The region and zone of the GKE cluster could be customized

  Scales for multiple groups


Scheduled Features

  Declaratively define and ORS module for Terraform

  Merge the commands to the CLI

  Support for EKS and AKS



  Needs at least license for ORS and for five times the number of groups as for the nodes. So for example, if a customer wants to use ORS on GKE for 10 groups, they need a license for 50 nodes. The license for public clouds provides unlimited nodes.

  Billing for the service is done directly by the cloud provider separate from the subscription fees for the ORS license.


Week#42 2023   MX-HUB, MX-ORS, MX-PDK, MX-PRO

OAI-CN v1.5.1 & OAI-RAN v2.0.0

Update the OpenAirInterface artifacts to the latest releases

The OpenAirInterface (OAI) artifacts will be updated to the latest releases, including the Snap packages and the Docker images. This new version also introduces the support for new network functions from OAI, including the NRF, AUSF, UDM, UDR, PCF, and NSSF. It also incorporates the support for 4G and 5G-NSA. Alongside these changes, the configurations in the composition models would be updated to the latest version with support of the new features such as profiles and tests.

Current Features

  Automated unit tests using BATS

  Three different deployment modes for the CN: minimal, sba, and full

  eNB and gNB with the latest FlexRIC E2 agent on E2AP v2 and KPM v3


Scheduled Features

  Helm chart tests for the composition models

  Snap installation via the CLI


Week#43 2023   MX-ORS, MX-PDK, MX-PRO


Deploy cloud-native observability using ODIN

The cloud-native observability would include monitoring of the RANs via E2 as well as energy metrics via KEPLER and compute metrics via Prometheus.

Current Features

  Multi-x measurements with a single data lake

  Scalable data collection and storage

  Declarative requests via ODIN


Scheduled Features

  ODIN integration for the CLI

  Grafana dashboards


Release Information

The features introduced in this roadmap will be part of the release version 2.0.0 of Trirematics, scheduled for the 31/10/2023. The customers would receive the new version upon request, within the first week of November 2023.

Release featureBeta and General AvailabilityDescription
ORS on GCPWeek #43Video demo + Wireshark
ODINWeek #44Cloud-native Non-RT RIC and rApps
Single-source ObservabilityWeek #45RAN monitoring + KEPLER + Prometheus
Business IntelligenceWeek #46Breakdown of the compute and energy costs
xApp LifecycleWeek #46OAI Workshop US
Fault ManagementWeek #47Pod failure, node disruption, dependency failure
4C SecurityWeek #48Container and Cluster Security
Application in the loopWeek #51Client-Server, P2P, 5G-Direct
Multi-xWeek #52Open5GS, SRS, LTE
Something related to ODINWeek #01Video demo
Log processingWeek #02Log collection, processing, and visualization

| Install T9s via MAAS | Week #45 | Video demo |

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Sébastien Lorber
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And if you don't want a blog: just delete this directory, and use blog: false in your Docusaurus config.

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